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The following questions are customer send to us, you may have the same problems when send enquiry of forming machines. The belows are just for your reference:

No 1) If it is 1, or 4 different profile from the same moulds the cost of the spacers are a minimum.

No 2) The different cost of 15 m/min and 20 m/min as an adding cost is not a word of cost but the gear ratio on the same gear or even easier, the gear ratio on the driving belt from the electric motor. This is not a big cost. Do not forget that the forming machine is going to work with 0,5 and 0.6mm thick steel. you have to recalculate the motor at 22 kw. It is too big, so here you can reduce cost instead.

No 3) We can live with the width of the shaft at 300 mm if the cost on the 100 mm is so big.

No 4) You have given me a cost on the profile from this 20 station machine! If you then could make the profile straight without a profile straightened I do not need that now eider, so just make it without.

No 5) The cover over the forming machine you can forget.

No 6) No CE-confirmation. No cost. But you have to use electric and mechanical parts that is available.........out of China.

No 7) When you made your first offer, you cut the profile by referring to a picture on a blue hydraulic cylinder for cutting a Z profile. How could you do that without a hydraulic plant?