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Roof and Wall Forming Machine

Roof and wall forming machines can make highest quality product with different sizes. Impressive production capacity to match different clients demands. For heavy capacity requirements, we offered best price and excellent quality ratio.

Roof and Wall Forming Machine glazed tile machine

We also offer the client work with traceability, standard components, spare parts availability, service, cost efficiency service. Servo system can speed up the running speed. If you want to seep up, let me know how quickly you wanted.

Roof Forming Machine glazed tile

Roof and Wall Forming Machine Features
Welded steel structure base, chains transmit, motor drives it.
About 13 stations to form;
Cutting tool material: Cr12,
Tolerance of the cutting length ±2mm.
Material of Roller: 40Cr, with hard chrome coated, polishing
Function of Hydraulic pressing/ Cutting is Stop to press, Stop to cut, Post cut .
The stair step:20mm. (it can be designed according to your requirement)
It use Mitsubishi PLC system to control the whole line that can measure and cut the length automatically. Frequency adjusts the speed and it has the self-control speed function.
Human-machine screen, touch screen control. The length can be set in touch screen freely and operation is simple.
The surround connecting wires adopts aviation socket or fast-speed plug.