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C Purlin Forming Machine

A purlin is a horizontal structural member in a roof. Purlins support the loads from the roof deck or sheathing and are supported by the principal rafters and/or the building walls, steel beams etc. C purlin is the most commonly used. We are one of the C purlin forming machine manufacturer in China, our steel  purlin products are commonly applied in pre-engineered metal building systems.

C purlin machine   C products

(1)Coil Width:                               According the size
(2)Suitable Coil Thickness:      2.0-3.0mm
(3)Suitable Raw Materials:       Q235,Galvanized steel coil

C purlin roll forming machine

Machine Components
(1) Manual Un-coiler                                 1 set
(2) Leveling Device                                   1 set
(3) Roll-Forming M/C                               1 set
(4) Hydraulic Cutting(10 cutter)              1 set
(5) PLC Control System                          1 set 
(6) Product Rack (un-powered)             1 set

(1) Manual Un-coiler

Manual Un-coiler Un-power; manual un-coiler, single head
Spindle expansion: Φ480~Φ520mm
Max load capacity: 3 tons
It includes a simple brake device
Outer coil deameter φ1200mm

(2)Roll Forming Machine: 13 steps to form; Material of Roller: GCr15, Voltage: 380V/50Hz, Main line speed: 0- 10m/min
(3)Hydraulic Cutting

C purlin cutting machine

Stop to cut, Post cut and no waste the material
Cutting tool material: Cr12, Include 5 pairs of shears.
The lengh tolerance is ±2.0 mm

Hydraulic cutting machine has features: Stop to cut, Post cut and no waste the material, Cutting tool material: Cr12, Include 5 pairs of shears. The lengh tolerance is ±2.0 mm
(4) PLC Control System controls the quantity, which has the features of length automatically and LCD screen.
(5)Product Rack (Un-powered), Two piece total 6 meters.

Product Rack


Punching Device

(1) Hydraulic Un-coiler
Hydraulic system to expand coil inner hole; inner coil diameter  φ508mm,
Outer coil deameterφ1200mm, Frequency Inverter to regulate turning speed;
Automatic stop device; Load capacity = Max.3Tons;

(2) Punching Device
Stop to punch, and post punch.
Punch two slotted hole in the end of formed panel, the distance of two holes
Changed according the C section size. Notice the punch can use from the C140.