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Necessary Points on Roll Former for You

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Perhaps there are still some buyers are not very familiar with the so-called roll former. Today you will know several necessary points about this kind of machine. Then you can buy machines more purposefully and wisely.roll former

So let's come to the foremost question about this kind of machine--what is a roll former? What products does it produce? A roll forming machine is such a kind of machine that makes continuous lateral bending coils and strips these metal strips through sequence configuration multi-pass forming rolls into specific section profiles. So you may have an overview about this kind of machine. A roll former produces different kinds of cold bend section steels which are widely applied in automobile making, ship manufacturing, construction industry, electronic industry and machine building industry.

Then what are the cold bend section steel light structure applied in produced by roll former? In fact, they are used in civil architectures such as residence buildings, schools, hospitals, shops, hotels, warehouses, rural construction and movable houses. From the wallboards, roof trusses, wall beams, ceiling joist, windows and doors to the decoration parts, all these occasions need the cold bend section steel light structure.

Last, how the cold rolled steel products are classified? According to the section configuration, the products can be classified as open section steels, closed section steels and wide steels. If we divide the products according to their size, we can divide them into four kinds: large, medium, small and wide section steels.

We sincerely hope that the above several points on roll formers will help you to know more about this kind of machine.