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Section Steel Roll Forming Line Features and Wide Market

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A lot of roll forming machines work and operate in the workshop, making up a long roll forming line, which is a complete and systematic process which can produce different kinds of cold-formed section steels having a wide application. Here you can know some features of section steel roll forming line and its broad market.

The cold-formed steel generally use hot or cold rolled strips as raw materials, through the processing of drawing, stamping, bending in normal temperature state to bend into different section shapes of section profiles. It is acknowledged as an economical section profiles, which is playing an important role in many industries. The process of roll forming line including several steps such as loading materials--un-coiling--leading materials--leveling--cutting--roll gang--molding--discharging. The steels have a wide application in electrical engineering, steel furniture, heavy engineering, interior design and decoration.

There are some features of the roll forming line products.

  • The products have smooth surface and high precision by using hot or cold rolled strips as raw materials, forming shape in multi forming rollers.
  • The steels can be used in buildings to lighten the self weight of buildings, reduce base and shorten construction period to low the comprehensive capital expenditure.
  • The products are suitable used for anti-earthquake, fire-proof structures.
  • The section shape of the products can be designed according to the users' different requirements. It has a reasonable structure.

What's more, the section steels have a wide market that has expanded to construction structure. In a word, build your own roll forming line right now! Wide market demands will be a huge business opportunities. You can not miss it.