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Numerous Top Quality and Serviceable Roll Forming Machine Used

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Plenty of buyers want to buy good quality ,durable and cheap roll forming machine used. We are a reliable and famous manufacturer that can meet your demands. roll forming machine

Our roll forming machines used are high quality that have a long lifespan. They are durable and practical to many factories. Besides, the prices of our machines are reasonable and affordable to our customers. Big orders are welcome and can also enjoy discounts. We are AGICO, a good and reliable manufacturer of a great variety of roll forming machines. Although our products are second hand, but they can still be used for a long time.

All of our roll forming machines used can produce good quality cold rolled steels.The cold rolled steels are all kinds of section shape of finished steels, which are rolled with steel plates and strip steels in cold conditions. This kind of steel is an economical section light and thin wall steel.

The products produced by our roll forming machines used have a wide application. The steels are applied in hospitals, hotels, shops, residential places and movable houses. They are also used in the ladders, walls, platforms, roof trusses and purlins. So please take this opportunity to have a knowledge of our machines. We have a large number of machines on sale that will satisfy your various demands. Please take action as soon as possible!