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The Design Characteristics of Roll Forming Equipment

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Before your buying roll forming equipment, there are some knowledge about its design characteristics that you need to know. The factors that should be considered in its designing include the roll forming materials, the forming pass and strip plate width.

First of all, you should take the roll forming materials of roll forming equipment into consideration. The batch size of products is the main factor that influence the roll forming materials. Besides, it also include the factors of the difficult deformation resistance of strip plates, tiny bending radius and the surface shape of materials.

Secondly, the forming pass is also an important factor that should not be neglected. Making the strip plates roll formed is a gradual machining process where every pass only exert limited bending deformation on the materials, only in this way can the manufacturers get the targeted bending in the situation of not stretching the materials.

Thirdly, you should also think about the strip plate width of the roll forming equipment. The manufacturers should make a cross-sectional view with proper proportion before setting a required width to the materials.

With these three factors in your consideration, we believe that you will know clearly which aspects you should pay attention to and how to buy roll forming equipment more wisely. We are AGICO, a manufacturer of different kinds of roll forming machines which have good appearance, high precision, high coverage, low cost and long service time. They are of good quality, highly efficient, compact in structure and affordable to you. Welcome come your contacts at any time!