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Importance to Improve and Innovate Roll Former Design

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Roll former design matters very much in the cold rolled products.To some manufacturers of roll former machines, it's important to improve their products' design.

The cold roll forming is a new technology applied widely around the world, whose main function is to make coils and strips these metal strips by continuously lateral bending into specific section profiles by multi-pass forming roll. It's an energy-saving, materials-saving and highly efficient sheet metal forming new craft and new technology. So roll former design is very important in the processing procedures.

To some manufacturers, it's important and necessary to improve and innovate their roll former design. The world is changing everyday, it will select the superiors and eliminate the inferiors. Some traditional manufacturers need to adopt more advanced technologies and innovate their products' design in order to stay ahead in the trend, otherwise, they will fall behind of their competitors and be eliminated by the market.

The roll former design should not only be novel and creative but also be accurate and practical in the process. It should guarantee the products' quality, size and precision. We are AGICO, a manufacturer of various roll former machines whose design are unique and competitive in the market. We adopt advanced technologies, have wise consultants, professional engineers and hardworking staffs. Welcome your calls at any time!