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To Stay Ahead of Australian Roll Forming Manufacturers

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Australian roll forming manufacturers enjoy a high reputation in the roll forming industry. Especially Australian Rollforming, a leading special sections metal roll forming company. We are a manufacturer that aims to be better to stay ahead of them.

We are AGICO, a manufacturer that has been serving the metal-forming industry as a machinery engineering manufacturer company since 2006. We specialize in the cold rolled steels, tooling and equipment utilized for metal processing.

There is still some way for us to go if we want to keep up with Australian roll forming manufacturers. At the same time, we should also be confident with ourselves. There are some advantages that cannot be forgotten by you. We have complete engineering design and structure analysis system, advanced process equipment and strong technical force, so we are capable of designing and producing a variety of roll forming machines of different types that can meet your requirements.

Besides, the cold forming sectional steels produced by our machines are widely used in many industries such as light section steel structure plants, automobiles and buses, railway vehicle manufacturing, ship manufacturing and furniture making. The products are of good quality, of high precision, highly efficient and long serving. Good after sale service is also offered to you. Our products have a timely delivery and competitive price that is reasonable and affordable to the customers. If you are interested in the machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will spare no efforts to become more professional and advanced than the Australian roll forming manufacturers.