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The Novel Unique Roll Forming Machine Design Impresses You

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The roll forming technology is a technology in an ascendant trend. Our roll forming machine design is unique that is impressive to our customers. Roll forming is an important contributor to the widespread use of the coated sheets in automobile manufacturing, construction industry, ship making and many other industries.

The metal roll forming machine is mainly applied in sheet material processing molding equipment which consists of three parts: mechanical transmission parts, pneumatic parts and electrical parts. Our roll forming machine design is novel and unique which will attract your attention at your first sight. Our machines are properly designed that they have simple structure, easy manufacturing and convenient mould changing.

Our machines are suitably used in rim forming, the curtain track, crescent lock, metal line track, various steel, goods shelf, light steel keel and cable tray. Our products are made with cutting-edge technologies and professional service. They are high quality and our roll forming machine design is novel and new which will give you a fresh feel.

We are AGICO, a professional and advanced manufacturer of a variety of roll forming machines. We have sophisticated technology, good staff, professional engineers and good after sale service. We have been enjoying a high reputation so we are a reliable manufacturer and supplier for you. Are you interested in our roll forming machine design? Then call us now!